What is the Deeper Life Network?

The Deeper Life Network is a non-denominational network of Christians who are seeking to know God and one another in deeper ways. As such, it is not an organisation or a church, but rather a network based on Christ-centered relationships. 

All members in the network are free to pursue deeper fellowship with the Lord and with one another in any way the Lord leads them. This could include small group meetings, relational meet ups, love feasts, fellowship gatherings, conferences, mission trips, camps, WhatsApp groups, online forums, and so on.

How did the Deeper Life Network begin?

The DLN started in South Africa in 2018 when a group of brothers and sisters felt that they would like to go deeper with the Lord and with one another in a way that could include other believers. Many of them had been pursuing deeper fellowship with one another for a number of years, but began feeling a desire to open up this fellowship to others in the Body of Christ.

Who runs the Deeper Life Network? 

The DLN is not really run by anyone specific as it is an open network of brothers and sisters that all connect with one another in different ways. It is not an organisation or a “church” but rather a growing collection of Christ-centered relationships. Anyone in the network can therefore choose to “run” any type of event or meet up and then invite the rest of the network to participate.

Network Oversight

Although anyone in the network can host an event, there is a group of men that help to oversee the network. These are mature brothers from different cities that relate to one another based on their mutual love for one another and the Body of Christ. Oversight is relational rather than authoritarian. A such, these brothers try to build relationships with one another and all the other disciples and groups of disciples around South Africa in order to form stronger bonds that reflect and reveal Christ in the Church. 

How does the website work?

The website is used as a tool to share resources with the network. If you would like to contribute any resources to the website you are welcome to contact the website administrators: deeperlifenetworksa@gmail.com

How does the Facebook Group work?

The Facebook group is used as a space for sharing, online interaction, and the dissemination of information about events with the network. There are group administrators that ensure that all engagement on the group remains healthy and for the purpose of mutual upbuilding.