2018 Prayer: The Work in South Africa

From 20 – 23 December 2018 we held a time of prayer and fasting in Bloemfontein. Although we did not set aside a specific prayer time to seek the Lord about His work in South Africa, it was something that we did in fact want to hear from Him about. As such, it is something we prayed into during each of the sessions and chatted about during the course of the weekend.

There were a number of impressions that we got about the work that the Lord wants us to engage with.

  • Kingdom work
  • Kingdom workers
  • Bridal Harvest
  • Building God’s House
  • Generational Wells
  • Diligent and approved workers

Kingdom work

During our second prayer session there was a definite sense that God wants us to get busy with His Kingdom work in our localities. To deal with all the areas in our own lives where Jesus is not reigning as King, and then to also come alongside other brothers and sisters who are struggling to walk under the headship of Jesus in every area of their lives.

This includes things that are at the most basic level of life together in God’s Kingdom, including marriages, families, and close relationships.

In order to go deeper into the practical side of this work we had some fellowship about what it means and how to engage with it. 

You can read more about this and download an audio clip about our conversation in the blog post about The Gospel of the Kingdom

Kingdom Workers

We also asked the God of the harvest to raise up workers that can be sent into the field. 

We petitioned God to raise up tools among us. Tools that can be used by the Lord’s hand to build the church. We asked for workers. Workers that can be faithful to divide the word of God. Those that will be able to administer God’s Kingdom. Workers that will reveal Christ. Workers that can display God’s love and grace.

Raise up workers that will be beautiful tools. Shape and mold us Lord. Speak to us Lord. If you want to use us, speak to us. Prepare us. Let us not be lazy. Let us give ourselves to you diligently. Workman approved unto you. That will go into your harvest. We ask you, God of the harvest, send our your workers into the harvest. Anoint those people. Let your body work together as one.

The Bridal Harvest

There was a sense that God wants to prepare His Bride. And that the Bridal Harvest is ready. Which are first fruits unto God. And God is calling us to go and help to claim this harvest.

Of these He says, “These are the ones that follow the lamb wherever He goes.”

The ministry the Lord wants us to move in is to prepare this remnant. To gather the first fruits. And also to make people ready for what they need to be made ready for.

Walk in everyday obedience and Jesus will get His reward: The Bride.

We also got the sense that we need to go out and help those that are struggling in this walk of purification. To love them and not to judge them. To make the Bride ready.

This dimension is very similar to the Kingdom Work mentioned above. It involves coming alongside others and helping them work through their sins and idols and strongholds and struggles in order to be a pure Bride that is completely in love and sold out to the Lord. In addition it also includes revealing Jesus to the lost.

Building God’s House

During the fourth session we prayed into the matter of God’s local building work. Both the journey to the Promised Land as well as the process of becoming engaged in God’s building work.

Much of this dimension is pictured by the story we see in Ezra, Nehemiah, Zechariah, Haggai, and Malachi of the people of Israel who left Babylon in order to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem as well as the city itself and its walls. All so that God could have a place where He establishes His name and have a people that worship Him in the way that He desires.

In a similar way we get the sense that God wants to build in a unique way. And that in order to do so He needs those who are willing to leave Babylon (Religion) and make the trip to the Promised Land (Christ), in order to join the building work in the New Jerusalem.

Over the last few decades there have been more and more people who have left systematized religion in order to be found more fully in Christ. But very few have actually joined the building work. Our prayer was and is that God will begin to call these brothers and sisters to the building site so that we can build together. 

What does this building work look like practically?

It involves reestablishing the altar, (enjoying the Lord’s table from house to house in simplicity), the temple with all its elements (God’s House, the Ekklessia, functioning freely and organically), the priesthood (the priesthood of all believers ministering unto God), the ark of the covenant (God’s presence leading us), the law (living by and from the word of God), as well as the city (the New Jerusalem, the functioning Kingdom society of God), and its walls (a clear separation and distinction between us and the World).

One sister shared that a while ago she was crying and had no idea why she was crying. As she asked the Lord to ask her why she is crying she opened her son’s children’s bible and it opened at the story of Nehemiah. The first words she saw was, “Nehemiah is crying.” So the Lord showed her that she is crying because of the broken walls of people and the desolate places of people. Because people are so broken the church is so broken. And for this the church needs healing and restoration.

We believe that this restoration can happen most effectively on a journey to the Promised Land with a view to participating in God’s work to build the New Jerusalem.

There are many that have helped to build the New Jerusalem over the centuries. But there are also those that have simply built in Babylon. Although the Lord loves, serves, and provides for His people in Babylon (religion) as we see in the book of Esther and Ezekiel, it is not where He can establish His name.

It is our desire that the Lord will have what He desires. A House and a City that is totally and completely His. Zion: the place of His Testimony that shines with His Glory alone!

Generational Wells

Both during a recent prayer time in Cape Town as well as during our prayer time in Bloemfontein we heard God speak to us about Generational Wells of Blessing.

“Then Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham; and he gave them the same names which his father had given them.” – Genesis 26:18

In a similar way we are getting the sense that there are spiritual wells of life and blessing that have been dug in South Africa in the generations preceding ours which have been covered up over the years. Possibly by religion or simply through neglect or the enemy’s schemes. And the Lord would like us to uncover these wells, drink from their waters, and walk in the strength and spiritual vitality that they give. We need to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. But not just in a metaphorical way, but in a very practical and spiritually engaged kind of way.

Thus, instead of starting by digging new wells, the Lord is encouraging us to take wisdom from Isaac and first uncover those wells that have been dug by those who have gone before us here in South Africa.

We started by thanking God for opening up this truth to us. And we came to Him by faith and brought every well that the enemy had closed to be reopened. Wells of resources. Wells of blessing. Wells of instruction. Wells of wisdom. Wells that are full of the knowledge of God and flowing with His Spirit and life. We opened each one by faith in the Spirit.

We also recognized that in addition to those wells that had been covered up by the enemy, there are also wells that God has been wanting to dig here in South Africa which have never been dug because of the unfaithfulness of previous generations. We also asked the Lord for the grace to dig those wells that have never been dug. So that all those generational blessings can flow forth in South Africa. 

We want the wells that have been dug and covered and those that have never been dug to gush forth with revelation. So that we can jump into that flow. Lord please guide and lead us in the practical aspects of these things. Guide us by the Spirit of truth. Show us how to open up these wells in our lives. So that we can have those resources for this hour Lord.

We see even as far back as Acts that the Spirit began to gush forth. And through the ages, and especially the dark ages, the enemy has tried to close it down. We pray that in this time all that would be removed. Step by step. We ask that your water from the deepest brooks will start to gush forth again. And that we will receive those revelations that those earlier people had. So that we can build upon them and see more and more and more of the depth of you Father. That we will hear the words you spoke to the woman at the well, the welling up of the water within us unto eternal life. That it will flow like a never ending stream to the next generation and to the next generation from us.

We asked God that our generation will be willing to accept and receive the water from these wells, and walk in what God has revealed. We also asked that our hearts will accept and drink deeply from the water from these wells.

Then we realised that the reason God wants us to reopen these wells is because we need the blessings and life that are in them for the building work. The wells are our supply for the purpose of building.

There was also another dream by a sister that confirmed all of this.

A lady named Shirley came to her in the dream. The name means a gathering of people where they agree (Ekklesia). She came to her and said to her that we are getting tracksuits. There was a heap of tracksuits. And on every single tracksuit there was a date. These were the dates of all those that have run the race before us. This gave the sense that we are part of an eternal race that others have run before us. In this sense we are not alone.  There were also three 8’s on every tracksuit. 888. She realised that she needs to put on the tracksuit and train in it. Which is how we warm up before we run the race.

God showed her that it is like the great cloud of witnesses that have run before us. There is this eternal race going on. 8 means new beginning. And God was saying that we need to put these tracksuits on in the Spirit. And we need to train in them so that we can run this race. She realised that the tracksuits are a culmination of what those who have run before us have gained. The knowledge and the spiritual revelation. So we need to put that on and tap into that. So that we can be ready for the race.

In response to this we came before the Lord and acknowledged that there are those that have run before us and that the baton has been passed on to us. That there is a church in heaven and on Earth. That we are actually one Body.

We asked that God would clothe us with the revelation those who have run before us have gained. The knowledge and spiritual wisdom that they have already gained. We acknowledged that we need it in order to prepare for the race and we asked Him to prepare us with endurance so that we would not grow weary or tired. So that we can run the race and win the prize. The eternal inheritance which is in Christ.

Father I pray that you will clothe us with strength and might. Because I sense that the fire is going to get hot. And that we really really really need strength for this hour. We need a proper uniform. We need weapons and we need to be clothed with you. You know exactly what we need in this hour. So we just present ourselves to you and ask you to clothe us. Clothe us so that we will run this race with endurance. That we will fix our eyes on Jesus. And that we will determine to keep on running no matter the cost.

Diligent and approved workers

Finally we got the sense that God is encouraging us according to 2 Timothy 2:15 to be diligent to present ourselves approved to God as workmen who do not need to be ashamed, accurately dividing the word of truth.”

We realised that if we want to be part of the Lord’s work, we need to be diligent and hardworking, especially when it comes to prayer and eating/studying His word. We need to be those that are disciplined workers in God’s field. Not those who get involved with civilian affairs. But those are only concerned with our Father’s business.

So we asked God to raise up approved workers and warriors. Those who are faithful.

We also asked God to release “scrolls” to each person. So that each one of us will know what piece of the puzzle we need to give. What we need to contribute. So that we will have a clear sense of what we need to do and how we need to do it. What we need to be diligent with.

We acknowledged that God is a very specific God and that He is a God of order. We proclaimed that we want to live according to His structure in a disciplined way. So we asked Him to open up these scrolls, and plans, and blueprints to us. To each individual. Corporately as well as individually. So that we will know where we need to stand. Which place at the wall we need to build. And be diligent to do the task that has been given to us.  

A similar picture we got was that the Father has placed a seed in each of us. Every one of us. And we realised that we need to sit before Father and ask His Holy Spirit to water it. And as we are connected we will be able to share about what the Lord is doing. And also see how it links with what the Lord has placed in others.

In this regard we got a sense that the Lord was saying that He wants servants who will be faithful to the call. Like Nehemiah and Ezra. The Lord called them and they responded. And it was an action of faith to go.

We realised that this time of prayer has been like a faithful response to the Lord’s call (and also a further calling). And we asked the Lord to help us go forward from here in faith. And trust that He will use us to build.

Finally, we asked God according to Nehemiah 1 that His ear be attentive to our prayers. That He would cause us, His servants to prosper in the work in South Africa. 

Practical implications for the work

To be continued…. watch this space….

In order to read more about the specifics the Lord spoke to us as well as download various recorded clips relating to the different sessions you can access each of the blog posts here: 

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