2018 Prayer: South Africa

From 20 – 23 December 2018 we held a time of prayer and fasting in Bloemfontein. In the third sessions of prayer and fasting we felt to seek the Lord about His heart for South Africa. For the country as a whole, as well as for the church in South Africa. Before we started praying we first had some fellowship about what the disposition is that the scriptures encourage us to take regarding praying for the society we live in.

 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayer, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Saviour, who desires all people to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  – 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Based on this passage of scripture we want South Africa to function in such a way that the gospel can spread so that all may be saved. We want the country to function in such a way, that we as the people of God can function without hindrance. So that we can love the Lord, preach the gospel, and so forth.

We realise that this is our primary mission as the church. To preach the gospel and extend the kingdom of God in the earth. And so we want all the systems of this world to favour us, and favour that mission. And so in order for that to happen we recognize that we need to pray.

Sadly however we have found that instead of praying, most Christians complain about South Africa. They complain about the government, they complain about the violence, they complain about pretty much everything. But this is not what we have been called to.

Instead, it was our desire to step into our calling as God’s representatives on the earth today. And instead of complaining, begin to pray into these situations with a view of God’s purposes being fulfilled on the earth.

Make this nation one that is hospitable for your kingdom. Deal with anything in our hearts that will prevent us from sharing this message.

In order to listen to our full conversation about our disposition as God’s people in South Africa today, you can download the audio here:

Fellowship about praying for South Africa

Praying for South Africa

We love you and we love this country. We love your church. We want to see her shine in this country. We want to see this country favourable for the gospel. And we want to see all the pain dealt with. Will you come and deal with all the pain and the brokenness in all the communities. Prepare us Lord. Use us for your glory Lord. May you have what you desire. Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive the reward of His suffering. You are worthy Lord.

As we prayed for South Africa there were a number of things which the Lord laid on our hearts.

  • Our Hearts regarding South Africa
  • The President & Government
  • The People of South Africa
  • Spiritual Strongholds over South Africa
  • South Africa’s covenant with God
  • The Church in South Africa
  • Salvation for South Africa
  • Human Trafficking in South Africa

Our Hearts regarding South Africa

We choose to walk with clean hands and a pure heart. We ask you for your mercy. We ask for your grace. Here we are. We repent and confess. For all our sins and wrongdoings. Thank you that you are the faithful and merciful God. Thank you for the blood of your son.

Realising that we first need to present ourselves to the Lord, we started by bringing ourselves as living sacrifices to the Lord. We proclaimed that we are done with every trace of wickedness in ourselves, so that we will not have any malice or deceit or envy or slander.

We asked the Lord to forgive us as the church for the way that unbelievers blaspheme His name because of the way that we conduct ourselves. And we asked the Lord to grant us grace so that we can live a life that will express and represent Him.

We recognised that thus far we still have the freedom to worship God openly in South Africa. And for this we thanked God.

We asked the Lord that He would draw people to Himself by the way that we are living. We asked that our hearts would align with His heart. So that we may represent Him as He is. As the Holy and pure God that He is. So that through us, South Africans may come to see and know Him as their only Savior, and may come to the full knowledge of God.

We sought to be those who practice hospitality to those in the household of faith as well as those who are not. To be a lover of strangers and have brotherly affection for the unknown guests, the foreigners, the poor, and all others who come our way who are of Christ’s body. We sought to do it ungrudgingly, and affectionately, without complaining, but representing the Lord.  To employ our gifts that we have received from the Lord to serve others. To be faithful stewards of God’s grace that have unfailing love for one another.

We presented ourselves as a living sacrifice to learn to walk in love, towards all races, all sexes, all groups, and all beliefs. We determined to be obedient to the Lord in every way. So that we will become a house that will show grace, mercy, hospitality and generosity. So that the foreigners and any types of people will be able to feel safe with us. 

In recognizing that God’s heart is for all men, we asked for special grace to love those in government. To not speak evil of them, but to love them. We asked God to help us to speak good of those in government. To bless them in Christ. So that we do not have an attitude against them. But rather that our tongues would be used to bless people. We determined to be a people that see the good in all. That call out the good in all. That blesses all. People with God’s love. So that all may be saved. Even the government officials.

We repent for criticizing them instead of doing what you have called us to do, which is to pray for them. We repent for taking a stand of speaking ill about them oh God. Father we ask for forgiveness.

The President and the Government

The next key thing we prayed for was the office of the president.

According to Isaiah 11:2 we prayed that the Spirit of wisdom and understanding should be upon them. For all the policies that they need to deal with and execute. We asked that they may they be guided according to God’s ways.

We also prayed according to Proverbs 21:1 – That the president’s heart would be a stream of water in the hand of the Lord. We asked that God would direct his heart according to His will. As he is sitting in his office, we asked that God would speak to him. That He would surround him with good people, that will advise him in the right way. We lifted up the president and his cabinet to God to touch each and every one in that office. We gave God praise and honour for every government official. We gave all the officials that are leading departments into God’s hands and we thanked God for peace in our land.

We asked that the word we are speaking to the hearts of the president and his ministers would germinate, and that God would even speak to them in their dreams. We prayed that the living word would begin to minister to them. We prayed that the word of God would begin to operate in their hearts and spirits, and that the fear of God would dawn in their hearts. So that they would remember that they represent people that God has made. That they will do right in God’s eyes and right on behalf of the people.

We prayed for the government as a whole. That they would start to lay themselves down for the people. That they would lift up the poor and all those in South Africa. That they would be people of integrity that stand by their word.

Finally, according to Phil 2:14, we asked that those who are Christian representatives in government and other spheres of society, would do everything without grumbling, so that they may become blameless and pure before God. So that they will shine among those in the world like stars in the sky as they firmly hold to the word of life.

The People of South Africa

We thank you for South Africa God. We thank you for this country and the people in this country. Every tribe, every tongue. All people. Hallelujah for South Africa. This is a land that you have made and a people that you have made. You are the creator God. And you bring forth only good things. And you have brought forth so much good in South Africa.

We told God that we no longer want to grumble against South Africa. Instead, we want to thank God for this nation. For the government that is in place. For all the resources in this country. For all the various cultures in this country. We realised that it reveals God’s multifarious nature. How wide and vast He is.

We thanked God for each person in this country.

We spoke to all South Africans and said, “Your identity is not EFF, your identity is not ANC, your identity is not black or white or male or female. God has made you. That is your identity. You are made in the image of God.”

We called forth that image and said, “Come forth image of God in every South African. Come forth and realise that you have been made by God. Remember who you are.”

We asked the Lord to come and awaken South Africa. To awaken South Africans to the gospel. To begin to speak to South Africans, even using dreams, and visions in the night. Even using Christians who are willing to go to them to reveal Jesus. We asked the Lord to do whatever He needs to do to reveal to them that He is God. And that they are His.

Spiritual strongholds over South Africa

We ask that this nation will turn to Christ and the veil will be taken away. Open up the spiritual eyes and ears of South Africans. Let them see you God. For you are the great I am.

One sister saw a very big sheet over South Africa. And that it is veiling the people. She encouraged us to pray that God would lift the veil. We recognized that according to the scriptures the veil is taken away when people turn to the Lord. And this happens when they hear and receive the gospel.

In order to ensure that South Africa would be receptive to the gospel, we determined to deal with all the spiritual strongholds that are active over South Africa.  So we asked that the Lord would wipe away all the accusations against South Africa in heavenly places.

We then prayed against all the various spiritual aspects that are keeping the veil in place. The blood covenants, witchcraft, AWB, Freemasonry, paganism, sun god worship, Baal worship, Molech worship (offering up children), and all the worship and blood offerings (of babies and animals) that have been made on this land in South Africa. We prayed that it would be traded for the blood of the lamb.

We asked that any contracts that have been made with Satan on this land would come to nothing. We also traded those contracts for the blood of Jesus.

We asked the Lord forgive South Africa for giving herself up as a prostitute. For Satanism, white Wicca, black Wicca, worship ping false gods, idols, rock altars, worshiping the mountains and the elements and the sun moon and stars, the water spirits, the ancestors, the fertility god, drinking the blood of animals, worshiping the dragon, the pagan snake, abortion, jealousy, homosexuality, molestation, rape, manipulation, murder, violence, temples to Zeus, and making ourselves as god.

We also asked that God would forgive South Africa for trading her children with other nations through child trafficking.

We asked God for His mercy upon South Africa. That he would forgive the people for selling themselves into slavery and poverty. We asked God to break the hand of poverty in this nation. To set her free from the spirit of death and Hades, of Egypt, and of Babylon.

We asked that South Africa would come and bow herself down before the Lord. That she would turn from Satan. And that God would have mercy on her. We asked that God would purify South Africa.

We proclaimed that South Africa’s strength is in God. Her provision is in God. Her healing is in God.

We asked that the dignity and honour of the people in this land be restored. That the legitimacy of the people of South Africa would be restored. So that they may feel like they legitimately belong on this earth and recognize that they were made by God.

We asked that that which has been stolen from the people will be given back, including lands, possessions, freedom, and dignity. We asked God to restore the riches of this nation.

Finally, we asked that God would wash South Africa clean, and set her free so that she can stand proud in Christ and move on into the new.

South Africa’s covenant with God

After divorcing South Africa from all the things that she has prostituted herself to over the centuries we sought to renew her covenant with God.

“You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. You shall no more be termed forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed desolate, but you shall be called ‘My Delight Is in Her’ (Hephzibah), and your land Married (Beulah); for the Lord delights in you, and your land shall be married. For as a young man marries a young woman, so shall your sons marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.” – Isaiah 62:3

We took hands and we asked that the things that are keeping us to connect with one another and to connect with God be broken. Sins against each other. We asked God to restore relationships between families, racial groups, cultures, friends, and genders.

Finally we asked God to fulfill the covenant that He has made with South Africa. And we thanked God that it is the blood of Jesus that brings unity amongst us.

Zion is our only high place. May we be the people that break down the other high places. And bring Zion into South Africa. Break religion from South Africa. May we be restorers of the walls.

The Church in South Africa

An area that came up a lot during this session of prayer was the church in South Africa.

Awaken love in us. Because you are love. Reveal your image of love in us. We want to be imitators of God to people in South Africa. Imitators of Christ. Those that lay themselves on the altar as a sacrifice and say “Lord, let your will be done, as it is in heaven, let it be on earth.” Let it emanate unto others, even if they are politically or racially motivated. May we not become divisive in any way. Of people, of races, of genders. May we stand in unity Lord. We give it all to you Lord. You are a mighty God. And you are the one who brings people together.

We asked the Lord to build His church in South Africa. That we would become clay in His hands so that He can shape us into a household that is worthy of Him. We asked Him to restore the first love to the church. So that she will be faithful to what she has been called.

We trusted the Lord that we would be a people of integrity that keep to His word. That we will not be hypocritical in any way. That the church will be an honourable Bride before the Lord and before the people of South Africa. That she will stand and keep to her word, that she will have loving hands. That she will not be malicious, manipulative, deceptive, or controlling. But that she will be a sacrifice instead.

We thanked the Lord for His mercy and grace, and we asked Him that our hearts would be pure for His purposes in South Africa. That He will teach us His ways. How to be a people that conducts themselves with dignity. That we will be true representatives of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that we can co-labour with the Lord in bringing many sons to glory.

We asked the Lord to really work in us, empower us, and equip us. So that we can preach His word with authority and power. So that we will not rest in our wisdom, but in God’s power.

We petitioned God to raise up tools among us. Tools that can be used by the Lord’s hand to build the church. We asked for workers. Workers that can be faithful to divide the word of God. Those that will be able to administer God’s Kingdom. Workers that will reveal Christ. Workers that can display God’s love and grace.

Raise up workers that will be beautiful tools. Shape and mold us Lord. Speak to us Lord. If you want to use us, speak to us. Prepare us. Let us not be lazy. Let us give ourselves to you diligently. Workman approved unto you. That will go into your harvest. We ask you, God of the harvest, send our your workers into the harvest. Anoint those people. Let your body work together as one.

We also prayed for the church as a whole in South Africa.

Lord help us to love one another. Bind us together with love. Teach us how to love. Help us to love in spite of disagreements. Let love conquer all. Teach us how to be an inclusive people. We ask for unity. Make us one, even as you are one Lord.

We asked the Lord that He work in a very real way in the church in South Africa. That He will deal with the situation in South Africa today which is against His word. Where there are “black” churches and “white” churches.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3:28

We asked the Lord to do a deep work in South Africa. To draw us together in a very real and practical way. That we will begin to work together, live together, and love Him together. From house to house. We implored Him to come and break down these dividing walls that were set up during apartheid and colonialist rule. We asked for a new generation of believers and church life that is integrated. That can love Him together, display Him together, reveal Him together. That healing will start in the house of God.

South Africa is so broken. We need healing to start in the house of God. We ask for the healing work to begin. We ask for the restoration work to begin. We ask for the journey to begin where we join hands. Come and do a deep work in us father. We need you.

We also came against the interfaith movement. We proclaimed that there is only one true faith. There is only one God who created this earth and who sent His only begotten son. We prayed that the eyes of the people of God would be opened. We asked that nothing would draw them away to other gods. That they would realise that there is only one true God and one true faith. We asked that South Africans will come to know the Lord as the only true God.

Salvation for South Africa

We prayed for the salvation of all South Africans. We asked again that the veil will be removed so that all the people who are ensnared in other religions will hear and receive the truth. We asked God to open their eyes and bring them into the truth.

We prayed for our families, for those who are in politics, for everyone in South Africa. For their salvation. We acknowledged that there is no one who can come to God unless God He drags them to Himself. And so, we asked God to drag them by His mighty hand. To have mercy on them, just as He had mercy on us. So that they can truly see Him. To see that He is the living God. To see that there is no other God besides Him. We petitioned God to grant them faith to believe in what His son has done. We brought them all to the Lord in faith.

We also specifically petitioned for the salvation of the young people. That they may see that true help only comes from God. We asked that their eyes would be opened to God’s Kingdom of light.

Finally, we asked that God would bring back His word to South Africa. We acknowledged that much darkness has come into South Africa since having removed the word of God from schools and families. We asked God that He would help us to correct this.

As Christian families may we obey you and speak the word of God to our children. That our children will grow knowing and serving the true God. So that they would be examples among the nations. Bringing change, influencing others.

Human trafficking in South Africa

The last aspect that we prayed into is something that we have noticed is not really being recognized and prayed for in South Africa. The aspect of human trafficking. We have seen that it is being overlooked a lot in the church. So we sought to bring it before the Lord in a very serious way.

We bring it into remembrance before your throne. The issue of human trafficking in South Africa that is just getting worse and worse. This is unrighteousness Lord. This is sin. Lord we lay it before you God.

We asked God to remember our nation. We prayed that He would break the dark forces of human trafficking. We spiritually cut the relationships with the other nations that our children are being sent to. We asked God to remember the children of this nation. We declared that they belong to the Lord. That every child belongs to Him. We asked that the blood of Christ will protect the children in this nation. That God will put His hand upon this nation and on the children. We asked that by His grace and His mercy and His divine judgement that He will put an end to human trafficking.

Will your light shine on this horrible deed. So that there is no more darkness to commit this sin. May it all come to light. We come against the trades that South Africa is making with other nations. Because they are trading human lives. We come against the wickedness of the people.

We asked that God will help our economy and that He will teach people the kingdom way of doing business, so that people will not resort to these measures.

This is so disgusting oh Lord. It is abominable to you oh Lord. We ask you to forgive South Africa and all those practicing this. We ask that the blood of Jesus purify all the business and economic activities in our country.

We also asked God to raise up those in this country who will do the work in this area. Those that will set others free from slavery. We recognized that this is slavery in the 21st century. We petitioned God that this would end.  

We pleaded with God to please raise up workers for this cause. And to speak to us if He needs us to engage with this. To speak to us about going beyond prayer. So that we will begin to engage with this. Begin to donate to this.

Please Lord. This is so evil. Will you please speak to us about what we can do practically. Show us as your church, so that we do not just sit and pray and do church related things, but that we will engage with the evil in this land. So that we will bring righteousness and justice.

We recognized that in Isaiah 1 God said to Israel that He hates their new moon feasts and sacrifices because they were not taking care of the poor and the oppressed. Because they were not standing for righteousness and justice.

Father, may we not be such a people that prays but does nothing. Lord please empower us and show us what we need to do to bring justice and righteousness and freedom to the captives.

In order to read more about the specifics the Lord spoke to us as well as download various recorded clips relating to the different sessions you can access each of the blog posts here: 

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