2018 Prayer: Becoming a Praying People

From 20 – 23 December 2018 we held a time of prayer and fasting in Bloemfontein. In the first session of prayer we sought the Lord about His heart at this time and how we can respond to it as as a people. 

From the get go there was a sense that God wants to do something in South Africa. Something that may involve a shaking of this nation and His people. For the purpose of revealing Himself and sifting His people.  In order to prepare His people for what may come, we felt the Lord wanting to reveal His plans and heart to us in an increasing measure. This was illustrated by a vision of a scroll/ blueprint that the Lord wants to open up to us. He wants to show us what He plans to do so that we can partner with Him.

We got the sense that this is not a once-off thing, but that the Lord wants to unveil His purposes to us in an ongoing way.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants and prophets.” – Amos 3:7

Therefore, in order to partner with the Lord in this way we realised that as a people, we need to orient and position ourselves in such a way that we can hear quickly and respond quickly to the Lord.

We were reminded of a vision in a recent time of prayer in Cape Town which showed little houses of prayer popping up all over South Africa. The vision suggested that normal everyday Christians would simply be coming together to seek the Lord, hear His voice, and respond. The overall sense is that instead of creating “houses of prayer” in a structured, institutional or programmatic way, the Lord wants an organic people that are positioned to hear Him. People who offer their own homes, resources, and time in order to seek Him together.

“My house shall be called a house of prayer.” – Matthew 21:13

We realised that this is not something we are now going to “do,” in order to set up a house of prayer. The Lord said “my house SHALL be called a house of prayer.” So it is not something we have to do, it is something we are, and need to become, as a people.

Practically, we realised that in order to respond to this call from the Lord, we are going to need to make some choices in our families and homes, with our resources, and with our time, in order to cultivate this type of lifestyle as a people.

We were encouraged by the five wise virgins who made the effort to cultivate lifestyles of collecting oil, so that when the time came that they needed it, they had enough oil. (And based on what we are sensing from the Lord regarding South Africa, we will soon need lots of it)

Some examples of what this could look like practically include opening up a portion of your home to be a place of prayer in your neighbourhood, either every day or at certain days and times; coming together with a group of believers to fast and pray each week, adding times of prayer and fasting to existing meetings (like meeting 3 hours before the meeting in order to seek the Lord together); finding a prayer partner (or two) and being diligent to seek the Lord together; and of course, individually setting time aside to seek the Lord each day if possible. In addition, this could also include all the saints in each city setting extended times aside in order to seek the Lord together just as we did in Bloemfontein.

Finally, we realised that in addition to gathering oil and hearing from the Lord, He wants to gather us in His presence so that He can work in our own hearts. So that He can deal with issues that still entangle our hearts. So that He can speak His words of love to us. So that He can fill us with His Spirit.

He desires for us to co-work with Him, but in order for us to be ready to do so, He wants to pour Himself into us. And in order for that to happen, we need extended times in His presence.

We were able to record the time of sharing where we touched on the highlights from the first session of prayer. You can download this here.

Becoming a Praying People – Fellowship summary of prayer time

In order to read more about the specifics the Lord spoke to us as well as download various recorded clips relating to the different sessions you can access each of the blog posts here: 

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