2018 National Prayer in Bloemfontein

From 20 – 23 December we hosted a time of prayer in Bloemfontein. There was an open invitation to all those believers in South Africa who desire to go deeper with the Lord. A dear sister in Bloemfontein gave us the conference room in her guest house to host the event.

The first evening we all got together to meet and greet. We gathered at the guest house, shared a meal, and after getting to know one another a bit better, we discussed the heart and plan for the weekend. We asked everyone to share a little bit about themselves and their desire/ expectation for the weekend.

The purpose of the event was to seek the Lord about His heart at this time. Going into the weekend we had a sense that we should prayer into/ seek Him about four interrelated matters. So we structured the time into four sessions.

  • Session 1 – Friday (09:00 – 12:00) – Becoming a praying people
  • Session 2 – Friday (14:00 – 17:00) – The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Session 3 – Saturday (09:00 – 12:00) – South Africa
  • Session 4 – Saturday (14:00 – 17:00) – The Local Church Life

In addition to the prayer sessions we also had bible study sessions for two hours before each prayer session. We looked at specific portions of scripture that related to the upcoming time of prayer and then shared our insights about them. It was a great way to prepare our minds and hearts before the Lord and in the truth before each prayer session.

Also, we determined to consecrate ourselves to the Lord through fasting each day. Instead of being prescriptive regarding how people should fast, we felt to encourage everyone to fast in the way they wanted to. 

In the first session of prayer the Lord revealed to us that a shaking is coming to South Africa and so we need to position ourselves before His face. We need to take counsel from the five wise virgins and ensure that we begin to gather oil. Because He wants to pour Himself into us and reveal to us the things that are to come. 

In the second session we got a sense from the Lord’s heart that He is more passionate than ever to see the good news about His Kingdom spreading and being lived out in South Africa. Not the watered down message which says that you can be saved but live as you please, but the life changing, absolute, and costly gospel which requires us to lay our lives down on the altar and live under the Lordship of Jesus. We also had some very helpful fellowship about what it means to live out and extend the Kingdom within our domains of life.  

In the third session we sought the Lord regarding South Africa as a nation. We prayed for the president, the government, salvation for the people of South Africa, spiritual strongholds over South Africa, the church in South Africa, God’s covenant with South Africa, and human trafficking in South Africa. We realised that there are a number of issues in South Africa as a country and within the church which are keeping a veil over the eyes of many. Our desire was for God to remove the veil so that people can come into His Kingdom and see the light of His truth. 

In the fourth session we all shared about our experience in the local church life in each of our cities and then sought the Lord about the day to day church life in South Africa. In addition to asking the Lord to deal with our hearts in a serious way to make us into living stones that are practically and relationally buildable, we also asked the Lord to mature us as a people. So that we can take up the positions that He has called us to for the purpose of His local building work. We also sought the Lord about the Deeper Life Network, those who have left the system of religion but who have gotten stuck along the way, and His overall assignment for us as a people who desire to work and build with Him.

Although we did not have a session to specifically pray into the Lord’s work in South Africa, it was a theme that we sought the Lord about during every session. And He certainly spoke to us about the work He wants to do to build up the church in South Africa. In addition to getting involved in the kingdom work in each of our localities, the Lord also spoke to us about a Bridal harvest. The first fruits of His Bride that He desires to gather in. A people that are holy and completely for Him and are focused on getting themselves ready. He also spoke to us at length about His desire to build in the promised land (on Christ) and the way that He wants to supply us with what we need for this work through reopening “generational wells” in South Africa.   

Overall the weekend was very beneficial. We were able to cover quite a lot of ground, both through the times of prayer as well as through the times of coming around the word together. The Lord really spoke to us in many different way. 

In order to read more about the specifics the Lord spoke to us as well as download various recorded clips relating to the different sessions you can access each of the blog posts here: 

In addition to the times of prayer we also came together each evening to break bread together. These were wonderful times of fun and fellowship which were so useful for getting to know one another better and just for resting, laughing and hanging out together. We really treasure all the new friendships that were made and the old friendships that were strengthened. 

We just want to thank all those that came through to pray together. The Lord was faithful to be in our midst and reveal Himself to us. We also just want to specifically thank the brothers and sisters in Bloemfontein who hosted us in their homes, arranged the logistics for the event, and went above and beyond to welcome us in their lives. 

Also a very big thanks to Elmarie Gray from Slot Loevenstein for giving us use of their conference facility, lapa, and pool area for the purpose of seeking the Lord. We pray that the Lord will richly bless you! Please consider supporting the guest house if you are ever in Bloemfontein and need a guest house to stay in: https://goo.gl/maps/18oR5F2DUfQ2

We plan to continue to seek the Lord this year, both in our localities and together, so please make sure you sign up to the mailing list in order to be informed about upcoming events in your area and nationally. 

The Lord is on the move and we want to move with Him!

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